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High Water Flies for Spring

28 Feb

So we just got the big storm here in Ottawa, ON. I am guessing about a foot of snow fell everywhere. It is a good thing too.

After last years drought the watersheds are looking for a big drink this spring. While it won’t be enough to get us through the summer, it will be a good start.

In comparison with last year, however, it will make for tougher fishing in April. High water can be the most frustrating type of water for me. I will see fish rising, or moving around the surface but have difficulty getting them to eat. Continue reading


Methodical Fly Fishing

27 Feb

When I started fly fishing as an adult I just kind of threw everything at the river, including myself, and hoped for the best. I fished like a kid. Noisy wading, splashy casting, and spooking fish all over the place.

When I did catch a fish on the fly it was more by accident or annoyance than well thought out presentation.

Now I am more careful and methodical. I think make better choices, spook less fish and have more success because of it. Continue reading

Fly Fishing Log – Part 1 – Performance Measurement

26 Feb

We all know that high level athletes from swimmers to football players use video to capture their performance.  Which the athletes and their coaches then use for review. Some high level athletes are wearing very sensitive devices during training and using full motion capture technology to assess their training needs and their strategies during competition.  Every athlete does this for one reason, to get better.

But this is a fly fishing blog.  Why do I need motion capture devices, or a coach?  You don’t.

You could go out and buy a GoPro camera then strap it to you or set it on a tripod and capture every minute of your fishing adventure. This is great, and you end up with those really enjoyable amateur youtube clips that everyone has seen.  The problem with this is that you are left with hours of recorded footage, and it might not tell you the things that can be used to help you improve.

To capture everything you need to know all you need is a piece of paper and a pencil (or pen). Continue reading

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