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The founding of a new field of science – Relative Entomology

27 Mar

That is what we came up with.

I work with scientists. Biologists, chemists, researchers and analysts. We discuss lots of things over lunch or in the halls when we need a break. Today we started chatting about fly fishing entomology.

Now, I know very little about actual entomology. Latin and I have never been friends. During my university days any course named ‘Entomological Study of…’ scared me away. Now I wish I had taken it. This would probably be a much different post.

As for our conversation, some folks around the office asked how I identify the bugs in the streams what I look for when I am fishing and how I choose flies. I was honest. I told them about the aquarium net, the rock flipping, and the staring at the water which is involved in my method. The next step is looking for the closest fly in the box. Once selected and tied on this ends my methodology. Continue reading


Close your eyes, now visualize the perfect water… Visualization and fly fishing

26 Mar

How do you look at water? I stare at it, glance at it and sometimes study it for what seems like hours looking for signs of life. It is like a disease.

I can’t drive over a bridge without checking out the water level and general topography of the river, if not for but a fleeting second. Talk about distracted driving.

I really can’t be around water without fishing it.

Every time I see water I ‘fish’ it. Well I imagine fishing it. I look at the water and I see myself fishing the structures, the holes pockets and riffles. I visualize how I would start and where the fish are holding. This may sound ridiculous, but it’s true. Continue reading

International Fly Fishing Film Festival, aka IF4

22 Mar

Last night I went to the IF4.  First off a big thanks to our local club the Ottawa Fly Fishers and our local fly shop Green Drake Outfitters for sponsoring the event in Ottawa.

I had never been to a fly fishing film screening before. It was a packed house. My father in law came into town for the event and I met a few friends there.

The mood was very festive. Most of the guys are part of the local fly fishing club. Some of these guys meet every week in the winter, some wait for crappie season to seek out other members of the group. Continue reading

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