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When you are having the best day of your life, call in the B-Team.

16 May

You know the situation. Your favorite team is up 5-0 (or 35-3 in football) and the coach puts in a few bench warmers. Guys who showed enough talent to make roster but just haven’t had the chance to step up and make a name for themselves. These guys are hungry, well rested and ready. They want to make big plays and get into the regular rotation.

Now there are typically only two outcomes for this scenario; the guys do a bang up job and are the talk of the town, or they blow their shot and lose the lead for the team. In the latter case the coach still has the A squad to repair the damage when things get too rough.

As fisherman we like what works. Twenty trout in a row on a damsel fly… why change that? We all have an A-team of flies. First out of the box, they are our confidence flies for the situation at hand. Whether searching patterns or ‘perfect’ imitations they have worked in the past and we like them. But everyone of us has flies in the box that were talented enough to make the roster, yet sit on the bench waiting for their shot. Continue reading


Clearing out the clutter – Simplify your fishing.

2 May

Out of clutter, find simplicity. – Albert Einstein.

I find my mind cluttered now. It is as if my time is a garage stuffed with junk. I have things I want to get done, and things I want to do. But due to the clutter I am left taking everything out of the garage piece by piece, just to get the lawn mower that I need to check something off of my list.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I am not the most organized guy. My tying bench can look like a small explosive just ravaged it. My real life garage is a constant struggle to find a place for everything, let alone to keep everything in its place.

Tying bench disaster or creative genius at work. Photo - Billy Williams.

Tying bench disaster or creative genius at work. Photo – Billy Williams.

Luckily my mind is much easier to clean and maintain than my garage. I do my best to keep things simple, keep a schedule and I make lists. Continue reading

Fly fishing puzzles, and early season searching.

26 Apr

The water has come up and gone back down. Things are starting to return to normal this spring with the exception of the fish. Where the heck are they? Of course this is a rhetorical question. The fish are where they always are, in the water. I think the real question I keep asking is why can’t I see them.

Compared with last year, when fish were everywhere and the water was low, this year seems to be fish free. Last years run-off non-existant. This must have been a contributing factor to last year’s drought. It was blissful early spring fishing. The water warmed early, the bugs were ever present, and the rises were easy to spot.

This year the water is still up a turbid foot. Not milky or completely black but stained more than the standard ten feet of visibility. Add the increase in current and I can’t see the rises or the fish in my local stream.

The Plan:

Wet swing a bead head black woolly bugger and a silver butcher through the larger pools and try to get a hit. It will be quick moving fishing tomorrow on my search and record mission. I do plan on hitting a few different types of river structure like riffles and some fallen trees and sunlit banks.  Those fish are somewhere.

I will continue to look for bugs and rises. There should be a hatch of size 14 grey caddis in a few days. And if I start to see splashy rises I will try a sparkle pupa emerger that was the ticket for big guys last spring. But this definitely isn’t last spring.

What is working for you guys this time of year?

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